Numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent channel flow

수치해석 방법을 이용하여 Particle-laden turbulent channel flow의 특성을 연구한다.


  • Motivation

The study on the behavior of inertial particles suspended in wall-bounded turbulence has a wide range of applications, from industrial devices to environmental systems, and is expected to resolve most of the practical problems involving walls (e.g., transport of contaminants in urban area and deposition of fine dust in a human respiratory system). From an engineering perspective, it is very important to accurately predict the particle motion and understand particle dynamics in wall-bounded turbulence.


    • Lagrangian particle tracking
    • Particles near the wall moving in the x-direction

Particles are concentrated in the low speed streaks (blue regions in the right figure).

    • Y-Z plane views of particle distribution

Particles are transferred towards the wall, interacting with turbulence.


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