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  • Dongwhi Kim
  • Jinkook Yeon
  • Hyoeun Shim


  • Kiyong-Moon, Boolt Simulation
  • Junwon Jang, Hyundai Electric, Researcher
  • Hyunwook Park, Hankook Tire, Researcher
  • Junghoon Lee, Yonsei University, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Sajjad ur Rehman, Sogang University, Postdoctoral Researcher


  • Gihun Shim, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
  • Myeongheum Gwon, Boolt Simulation
  • Yeoji Jung, LG Electronics
  • Xiaomin Pan, Yonsei University, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Hyungjun Park, Hyundai Steel, Researcher


  • Sangro Park, Hyundai Electric, Researcher


  • Yongnam Park, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Researcher


  • Young hoon, Jung, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Researcher- Heat Transfer
  • Seungho Song, Yonsei University, PhD Candidate
  • Seulgi Lee, Yonsei University, PhD Candidate


  • Hye eun, Lee


  • Abouelmagd Hashem Abd El-samie, Egypt University, Researcher- Decaying Against Stationary Turbulence: Physical Modulation Mechanisms in Particle-laden Isotropic Turbulence
  • Jungmin Hwang, ROKA, Major- Large-eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Urban Street Canyon
  • Yongrak Jung, LG Electronics, Researcher- Behavior of Particles with Various Stokes Number in Isotropic
    Turbulence Under the Gravity
  • Oh-joon Kwon, Hanwha, Researcher- The Effect of Inter-particle Collision in Particle-laden Isotropic Turbulence
  • Junghoon Lee, Yonsei University, PhD Candidate- Behavior of Heavy Particles in Turbulent Channel Flow


  • Seonggee Cho, Hannam University, Administrative Staff- Behavior of Heavy Particles in the Presence of Gravity
  • Yongnam Park, Yonsei University, PhD Candidate- On the Modification of Particle Dispersion in Isotropic Turbulence by Free Rotation of Particle


  • Byung-Gu Kim, LG Electronics, Researcher- Characteristics of Turbulent Boundary Layer with Stable Stratification and within Urban Canopy


  • Kyungrock Kim, LG Electronics, Researcher- On ther Dispersion of the Second-order Lagrangian Stochastic Model in Turbulent Flows
  • Jaedal Jung, UCLA, PhD Candidate- Direct Numerical Simulation in Forced Isotropic Simulation


  • Kyongmin Yeo, Lawrence Berkeley Lab,Postdoctoral Researcher- Near-wall Characteristics of Stably Stratified Turbulent Channel Flow2003
  • Suk-yul Ko, Dongbu Steel- Lagrangian Particle Model for Dense Gas Dispersion


  • Youngchwa Seo, S&T Dynamics- The New Compact Spectral Scheme for Turbulence Simulation


  • Yeontaek Choi, NIMS, ResearcherJuncheol Ahn, Halla Climate Contrli, ResearcherSangbong Lee, National Renewable Energy Lab., Researcher
  • Jung-il Choi, Yonsei University, Assistant Professor
  • Ga Young Suh, Stanford University, Postdoctoral Research fellow
  • Young-ho, Seo, Samsung, Researcher- Droplet dynamics, Two-phase flow, Level set method

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