Undergraduate courses

Fluid Mechanics (MEU2640, Fall, 3 credits)

Introduction, Fluid statics, Buoyancy, Bernoulli equation, Fluid kinematics, Control volume analysis, Differential analysis, Navier-Stokes equation, Potential flow, Dimensional analysis, Pipe flows

Applied Fluid Mechanics (MEU3640, Spring, 3 credits)

Flow over immersed bodies, Boundary-layer flows, Open-channel flows, Compressible flow, Turbomachines

Graduate courses

Viscous Fluid Dynamics (MEU6230, Spring, 3 credits)

Continuum concept, Vector calculus, Kinematics of local fluid motion, Continuity, Navier-Stokes equation, Potential flows, Exact solutions, Vorticity dynamics, Boundary layers, Low-Reynolds number flows, Convection

Theory of Turbulent Flow (MEU7300, Fall, 3 credits)

Introduction, Equations of fluid motion, Statistical description, Scales of turbulent motions, Kolmogorov's theory, Turbulent boundary layers, Turbulence models, Large-eddy simulation